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Brown Bag Purse

German fashion designer Jil Sander recently sent this purse down the runway. The price tag? $290.

Would you consider this a collector’s item?

Delicious Advertising

Designer Renata El Dib created a series of these posters for the Brazilian ice cream company Kibon. Don’t you just want to take a lick?

Expressive Words

Ji Lee wrote a book called Word as Image that includes illustrations of expressive typography. What are some of your favorite examples?

Cutout Wall

We are loving the use of geometric laser cut panels in this Amsterdam home to create a dynamic space.

Superhero Type

Amazing. Matthew Olin designed these prints so the superhero matching the font. Can you identify the typeface in each one?

A Business Card You’d Want to Eat

This is definitely one of the most unique business cards we’ve come across–it’s edible!

Paint Tossed Google

For Google+’s one year anniversary, photographer Alex Koloskov and digital artist Genia Larionova created this piece from tossing paint and manipulating it in Photoshop. See more images and a video on how it was done here.

Pantone Superheros

Gigi Video created these Pantone Superhero posters. See more posters here.

A-Z of Typography

Pop Chart Lab created this print that goes through the “A-Z’s” of typography.


Presidential Branding

If these presidents had their own logos…find the rest of the presidents’ marks here.


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